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A stage name for the nexialist Keith Griggs, created in the 80's for writing and computer programs.

At around the same time, he set up the company Xyroth Enterprises to help with some research problems that he was having. The role of the company has expanded to include researching and publicising the technologies of Nexialism and Applied Wombling. It also now has a lot of Categories of stuff to look through, now the site is becoming an Affiliate Marketing funded Portal as well.

This individual has an interest in how the mind and language work. This leads to an interest in general semantics and Esperanto. This also means that I am interested in things like biofeedback.

I have also become a researcher for the hitch hiker's guide to the galaxy, and am one of the mages associated with Pescu and the weird company.

As a result of some of the feedback that I have received from various people, I have now written a page covering the site philosophy of the various sites I run, in the hope that it will remove some of the confusion that has been mentioned by one or two people.

I was also the chairman and programme secretary for Boston Astronomers.

I have started to notice that there are some subjects that have many seemingly unnoticed connections between them. I will try to keep that page up to date as I see new connections.

There is now a urgent care clinic I visited after my fall and also my photos of the transit of venus.

This site is Hand Crafted by Xyroth and hosted by Webimpact, after being part of www.xyroth-enterprises.co.uk for a long time.

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